About us

Candlelight was born out of a love for decorating on a budget. I remember how I used to devour my mum’s ‘Woman’s Own’ magazines, looking at old English cottages and trying to figure out how they¬†made the spaces look so warm and inviting.

When I moved into my first flat straight after campus, I had a blast doing up the small space with some amazing peach curtains I bought from our local second-hand market, Toi, and a hand me down maroon sofa that belonged to my mum. Since the two-month deposit had taken up much of my money, I wasn’t able to decorate it all at a go but instead relied on sales at supermarkets like Tusky’s to get a few knick-knacks. And how can I forget the huge yellow Chinese fan with delicate peach flowers that adorned one wall…

Nine years later and I still find that interior design and decorating is intensely personal. A space that makes my heart sing may simply make you feel uninspired or just blah!

At Candlelight, we believe that everyone has some bit of decorating genius in them and that our work is to simply help you find it in a space that is timelessly YOU.


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