Deals and steals;7 amazing places and online shops to grab yourself a bargain

I love shopping for interesting decor and knick-knacks at a fraction of the cost! My hubby knows that one of the ways to make my heart sing is to go bargain hunting with me. Today, I’d want to share some of my hideouts with you as I strongly believe that you don’t have to spend a pretty penny to do up your home.

1) Charity Shop @ Adams Arcade

They mainly have clothing and books, but from time to time, they do get some interesting home decor pieces.

2) Maasai Market @ Globe Cinema roundabout


If you’re crazy about African art and artefacts, the Maasai Market is a must visit for you. I have specifically mentioned the one that’s on Tuesday’s at the Globe Cinema roundabout as their prices are very friendly compared to the others, and you can also get them to do some customization on some of the unfinished products.

3) Healthy U Home store

I love the eclectic mix you get in their decor stores; from pot pourri and scented candles to wall hangings with quirky messages. If you prefer something more bespoke than what House of Leather has to offer, pop into this store.

4) Toi Market

This is one very popular market to buy second-hand clothes and soft furnishings, but I bet most people don’t know that you can also get amazing wall hangings if you rummage through the dish clothes and loose fabrics. The best place to get this is more towards the Toi Primary side where there are a few sellers who seem to be selling dish clothes and head scarves that have been placed on the ground.

5) Karanja’s Household

Karanja’s shop began with a purely online presence, but now has a shop in Nairobi (Bazaar plaza, Mez floor room 11), and another at the Coast. His shop mainly deals with colourful household goods and electronics that make women go gaga, though you can also find some amazing storage and organisation solutions. Unless otherwise stated, all his stuff is new.

6) Njega Interiors


The owner of this shop in Kiambu, Peter Mwaura has an amazing knack for all things wrought iron (read stair rails, curtain rods, mirrors etc). He is also very good with segmented wood turning and comes up with amazing designs.

7) Gikomba shops (next to KNUT offices)

I don’t mean the open air market but the building next to KNUT offices where you’ll find all sorts of furniture and decor from the UK. All you need to do is give your contacts to the sellers so that they can notify you when a new shipment arrives. For the furniture, you might need to reupholster or resurface it but you’ll generally find the pieces in good condition.

There you have it folks! Feel free to share your favourite bargain hunting spots by leaving a comment. Happy shopping



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