5 reasons for using 3D renders in your projects

As a client, how can you avoid paying for design work you don’t want? Making sure you know what you’re getting before you have it built helps. Today there is no better way to understand and have a feel for new design than to see it in 3-D. Rather than relying on your imagination to see if the bathroom door will be far enough away from the kitchen, 3-D allows you to virtually walk through your home before approving any designs.

Here are five reasons 3-D design is important for your project.

1. Understanding traditional 2-D floor plans and elevations can be difficult for clients.


Looking at architectural floor plans can be tedious and uninspiring for clients as there is no way for them to visualise the space represented. Once 3- D designs are brought in, it becomes very easy to experience the space and make decisions based on the same.

2. It helps you stick to your budget

By the time you embark on a remodelling project, you already have a budget ceiling in mind. Having a clear understanding of your project before construction begins is the best method to significantly reduce the problem of hidden charges and costs.

3. Changes can be made in real time

During the meetings with your architect or interior designer, design questions and suggestions do come up, and changes can be made to the model during the meeting for instant results.


4. It can help cut down on changes after remodelling has begun.

Reducing the number of changes needed during construction can help save time and money. But it can be hard to do until you really understand what the space will look and feel like, which is where 3-D design comes in.

5. They are a great way for interior designers/architects to communicate ideas


It can be very difficult explaining to a client why a certain design element cannot work in a given space which is why 3-D’s act as a great ‘show and tell’ tool.

While 3-D design can be helpful to you and your architect/ interior designer, note that great designs do not come from computer programs. They come from design professionals who have spent countless hours designing, reviewing plans, improving details and listening to everything you want in your home. Would you consider 3-D design for your next project?



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