Clinging to ‘The Word’


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I’ve had people asking me why I design throw pillows centred around scripture and I couldn’t help but think that maybe it’s time I shared my story.

Let’s face it, as long as you’re on this planet, you’re bound to suffer some serious heartache; stuff that happens that leaves you gasping for air. April 17, 2016, was one such day for me – the day our second born son went home to be with the Lord.

A few month’s before that, I had presented my business plan to a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs with the very idea of designing and producing Christian home decor under the brand name Candlelight. They loved the name, and even the spirit behind our brand as we primarily wanted to work with parents with children with special needs, but they still needed to see the financial feasibility of the business which at the time was questionable. At the time, I felt discouraged and nearly gave up on the idea altogether, were it not for the words of one panellist that kept echoing in my mind. She said, “Christine, this is not just a business, this is about your purpose. If God is the one who is calling you to do this, pray about it and get in with both feet. You can’t afford to do this half-heartedly as there are too many lives involved.”

It took us a month to do a few samples, then our last born son got sick and I took some time off just to take care of him. About a month and a half later, his older brother was admitted to hospital and stayed in the ICU for 17 days. Since I was nursing his younger brother, I’d commute daily to the hospital which was roughly 20 minutes from our home. At one point, both our sons were admitted in the hospital fighting off pneumonia and I felt like I was at the end of my rope! I’d come home and immediately turn on Clay Crosse’s “When I am afraid” just to ward off any discouragement. I also recall standing by our bookshelf and reading the Bible verses from some decor items, my favourite verse was Isaiah 30:15, “In quietness and trust is your strength.” I clung to this verse for those 17 days in the hospital even when the beeps of the monitors in ICU threatened to silence that Truth. I continued clinging to it even when that dreaded phone call woke us up on that seventeenth day of April 2016. And the Holy Spirit has helped me cling to it even as my family and I have waded through the murky waters of grief.

So to answer your question, I design throw pillows with scripture because His Word has been my lifeline and I hope that in whatever situation you may find yourself in, it will be your lifeline too.



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